Ånd i hanske – The Norwegian Journal for Puppetry is one of a kind. The magazine is in its 34th year and is the presentation agency for Norwegian puppeteers, with a glance to international trends and a channel for all interested in puppetry. The ambition of the journal is to be a window towards the outside world and a forum for development, debate, and critic. The responsible publisher is UNIMA Norway. The journal is edited in keeping with editorial principals, it is also a member of the Norwegian Journal Union, and receives publishing funding from the Norwegian Cultural Council. Ånd i hanske is published twice a year and is sent to all members of UNIMA Norway free of charge.

Only subscription cost: 250 NOK (Abroad subscribers: 350 NOK)

Editor: Elin Lindberg

Do you have questions or tips for the magazine? Please contact elin.lindberg@getmail.no or call  +47 90 94 80 80