The FRI FIGUR festival ceased to exist in 2016

In June 2015 UNIMA NORWAY organized the last FRI FIGUR festival in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre, Stamsund.  It took place at three different venues in Oslo; Oslo Nye Teater, Trikkestallen and Det Andre Teatret.

Photo Gallery Fri Figur 2015:



The festival was presented  as “the summers most beautiful and spookiest tales” and here are some descriptions from the programme to fill in the picture:

“See all the genre barriers collapse in the clown – rock concert Lux Interior – Clowns not Dead. Witness the dire consequences of using another mans toilet in Outpost, or laugh your self stupid at the Brazilian Punch and Judy, The Cowboy Benedito ́s romantic story. In the black comedy The Little Shop of Horrors, murder mixes with obsessions, and a good dose of comedy. In Lekene slår tilbake (The Toys Strike Back) you can bring your own toy which improvisers on stage bring alive, and 1 1/2 – Antero ́s Story combine contemporary circus and puppets in a devious solo performance.

Additionally you can join a Trash Hack workshop with Green Ginger, let loose at Fri Scene Puppet Slam, and meet new and old friends at the festival party.”

In Norway there are few stages with heavy focus on puppet theatre, so this is a unique opportunity to wallow in the genre. At FRI FIGUR 2015 there was a wide range in style, theme and tone, critically acclaimed performances, and hitherto unknown treasures; one French / Swiss, two English, one Brazilian, and two Norwegian. The shows were mostly for adults but there were also some for children.


FRI FIGUR received its funding from the Norwegian Cultural Council, Funding for Performing Artists, Oslo City Council, Sagene local community, and the National Touring Theatre.