UNIMA Norway is the Norwegian branch of the international organization UNIMA – Union Internationale de la Marionette. The association abides by the international organization’s objectives and statutes.

Article 2. MISSION

The association will work to promote the interest, knowledge, and growth of puppet theatre in Norway, as an art form as well as in the capacity of a vehicle for learning and a therapy aid. The association will also contribute to the promotion of Norwegian puppet theatre abroad and facilitate guest performances in Norway by artists from other countries.


The association has no political nor religious affiliations and is open to all interested in puppetry. Any person who is a member may in addition to holding his/her individual membership also act as a representative of his/her organization or company. Organizations, institutions etc. may also join UNIMA Norway as members, and will then obtain the same rights as individual members. The association’s membership fee is determined by the annual general assembly. Any termination of membership must take place in writing before December 31.  The termination of membership will then take effect on January 1 of the following year. Board members and deputy Board members are exempt from membership fees from January 1 of the year of their election, until December 31 of the year in which they leave the board.


The general assembly is to take place before June 15 each year. Notice of the general assembly and the agenda for the general assembly is to be sent out no later than 5 weeks before the meeting. The financial statements and other documents relating to the agenda are to be sent out no later than 3 weeks before the meeting.

The general assembly is to process:

  1. a. The financial statements
  2. b. The proposed budget
  3. c. The election of the board
  4. d. The election of representatives to the international UNIMA council
  5. e. The election of accountant
  6. f. The election of the election Committee – 3 members
  7. g. Additional agenda items, if submitted

Any additional agenda items which members wish for the general assembly to process must reach the board no later than 4 weeks before the scheduled date for the general assembly.

All members who have a paid their membership fees have the right to vote. Members who are unable to attend may provide another member with a written authorization to vote on their behalf. The holder of such authorization(s) must be a member of UNIMA Norway. Voting at the general assembly takes place as a voice vote unless one of the members present asks that the voting takes place in writing.

An extraordinary general assembly can be held if the board finds it required, or if the board has received a written petition from at least 1/10 of the organization’s members. The same rules apply for an extraordinary general Assembly as for an ordinary general assembly, however the summons can take place with 14 days’ notice.

Article 5. THE BOARD

The organization is lead by a board comprising of a chairman and a minimum of 4 board members and 2 deputies. Board members are elected for a term of 2 years; rotating so 2 or 3 board members stand for re-election every year. Deputies are elected for 1 year. The chairman is elected at the general assembly for a term of 2 years. The board constitutes itself, appoints a vice chairman and the required committees and work groups. The board`s decisions are valid when a minimum of half the board members are present. All resolutions are decided by a majority vote. With equality of votes the chairman has the casting vote. The summons with the documents should when possible be sent out in writing at least one week before the meeting with the relevant agenda. The board appoints or engages an employee to propose board remuneration according to economic capability.


The election committee shall comprise of 3 members, and is selected by the A.G.M. for a 2-year period. The 3 members are voted in at different periods to ensure continuity. The election committee should, abiding by the organizations rules, submit proposals to the A.G.M. suggesting candidates for chairman, board members, deputies, advisory councils, and candidates for international office. The election committee decides on its proposals by a majority vote. The election committee should enter into dialogue with the staff and the current board.


Representatives to the congress and the international advisory council are elected every 4 years. The representatives should be elected at the latest 9 months before the council meeting or the congress takes place. The representatives from UNIMA Norway are elected by the A.G.M. It is the duty of UNIMA Norway to send a current membership list and the annual report to the international center annually.


UNIMA Norway publishes the magazine ‘Ånd i hanske – magazine for puppetry’, twice a year, which is sent out free of charge to the members. The board engages an editor for the magazine and outlines guidelines to be approved by the A.G.M. The board together with the editor appoints an editorial committee to advise the editor and board. The board is the responsible publisher and the magazine is edited in keeping with the editor´s proposals.

Article 9. CHANGES

Changes to the organizations rules and regulations are adopted by the A.G.M. by a 2/3 majority.


The organization can only be dissolved with 2 subsequent A.G.M.  with 2/3 majority votes.