Festival 10 Sentidos

The Festival 10 Sentidos, created in 2011, takes hold edition after edition, with the satisfaction of having turned this experience with the arts (performing arts, visual arts, film, audiovisual, literature, education…) into a reference and a must-see event every May in Valencia. The living arts festival of the city.
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XI Edition – El Amor

The 2022 edition of the Festival 10 Sentidos is committed to LOVE, to show the need and power of love in these turbulent times.

Since the global crisis was unleashed in the wake of COVID-19, nothing has become more meaningful than the need to love, to feel close to your loved ones, to care, to focus on what is essential.

In May 2022, the Festival 10 Sentidos is committed to celebrating and reflecting on the act of loving, in the broadest sense and without necessarily stopping at the romantic. Love as a biological, humanistic and necessary need for the progress and evolution of the species.

With our sights set on love, the programme of the next edition of the Festival 10 Sentidos will flee from clichés and conventionalisms to respond to an idea of love that is universal, open, respectful, diverse and in all directions.

In May last year, an image of a worker of the NGO “Cruz Roja” comforting an immigrant arriving from Morocco in Ceuta was all over the media and became, unintentionally, the best definition of what the Festival 10 Sentidos aspires to reflect in its 11th edition. That embrace, that gesture of affection between two humans so different and so equal at the same time, served as a consolation in a moment of crisis and demonstrated how LOVE can act as a lifeline in many moments of our lives.


mai 02 - 22 2022


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