Holding Position – Thomas of Norway

Kan være et bilde i svart-hvitt av en eller flere personer og tekstBased on real people’s experiences of grief and loss, Holding Position explores a poetic landscape where bodily experiences and reflections are given space. Holding Position is an aesthetic, soundly and beautiful duet about close relationships, and when close relationships gradually cease.

The works material is based on interviews with relatives who all have one thing in common: they have lost someone with dementia. The interviews creates 100% of the soundscape in the performance, which has been developed by composer and sound artist Tine Surel Lange in collaboration with Thomas of Norway. The choreography has developed in dialogue with the words and their mood, and reflects on different stages in a mourning process.

The inspiration for the project comes from personal experiences with dementia and Alzheimer’s in the family. A common grief, but also so private that we did not talk about it. Not until after the person had passed away. Why is it like that? Why is grief so private? For more than four years we experienced the gradual loss of someone, and it was from time to time smaller sorrows that turned into a larger picture of grief. At the same time, we knew with certainty that the person was going to die. This affected our lives greatly and in several areas. Today, 100,000 * people in Norway have dementia, and the number will probably double in the next twenty years. Over 400,000 * are close relatives of someone with dementia.

* source: National Association for Public Health


okt 13 2021




Lofoten Kulturhus, Svolvær

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